Saturday, March 5, 2011

January 12, 2007

Tyler's teacher and OT came over after school. I showed them how he loves to be moved when the music is blaring. Nate P~, the OT, came up with a way to modify his remote so Ty could skip songs. We'll try it and see if it works. We brainstormed some different ideas for things he could work on while laying down.

Tonight the whole family was dancing together. We took turns swinging Ellie in a blanket. She loved it. I accidentally hurt her wrist when I lifted her to spin around. I reached for her two arms and as I grasped her right hand/arm, I felt a "pop" at the pinkie side of her wrist. She started crying immediately and began flailing that arm. B~ took her to see Mike (bil and PT) and he checked her out. He felt she may have sprained it, but nothing major. He taped it and within 10 minutes, she was fine. I hope it lasts.

Michelle went with her. Nicole has a sick tummy and Spielberg's camp out got cancelled but he's going up during the day tomorrow to work on merit badges.

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