Wednesday, March 9, 2011

January 14, 2007

Periodically, we miss a Sunday at church. It's not something to be proud of or to turn into a habit. It just happened. Both B~ and I are suffering from lower back problems - probably due to leaning over a hospital bed several times a day. Today was a recoupment day. We read scriptures and I read to the children.

Ellie seems to have a stomach bug, Nicole wanted to learn how to write each letter of her name in cursive, and Michelle asked to start keeping her paint creations in an art binder/portfolio. They also built a fort from blankets, pillows and couch cushions. Spielberg made a Lego stop-gap animation and Ty bed-danced.

Blaine and I read. I practiced hymns. We watched family videos, and basked in family time. Definitely church next Sunday, and oh! we had French Toast - breakfast for dinner.

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