Sunday, May 22, 2011

February 13, 2007

The team pathologist as the HCI feels there is a possibility that the tumor has developed a malignancy component, and since desmoids never do that - it may be something else. They are going to do some aggressive cytology testing. The biopsy is scheduled for Friday and will be ultrasound guided at the Univ. of Utah hospital. My main concern is that it will continue to bleed out after the procedure as it did after the first biopsy. B~ and I will be travelling to St. George and Las Vegas for a couples' getaway before all the new changes come in to play. On the way home with Ty - it was just him & me- he tried to throw up several times. I felt so badly for him, but there was nothing I could do for him besides talk him thorough it and crank the air.

The girls were great at math today. S~ and Nicole had their dental cleanings and each had a cavity. We're all eating entirely too much sugar.

Last night, there was a shooting at Trolley Square. Six people are dead (including the gunman) and several more are injured. The only thing they know if the gunman us that he was 18 years old and a Bosnian refugee with a Muslim name. It is believed that it was just a random act of violence and not a terrorist activity.

February 12, 2007

I have to write ore about Tyler's Hunstman Cancer Inst. appointment today, but suffice it to say they want to have a second biopsy performed and change his course of chemo. They also drew blood.

Spielberg wet skiing today with O's.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A storm has moved in-a hesitant rain that falls against rain and roof, then waits for a moment before falling again. It is a snuggle under the covers with a book kind of day. Just now, I heard a strange popping sound like that of bacon exploding on a hot skillet. I assumed it was the fat in the roast beef I have going in the crock pot. Suddenly it became a steady rhythmic sound, as though someone were hanging pictures in the attic above the kitchen. I went to investigate. It wasn't the crock pot and I couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from. It sounded like it was on the roof. I leaned over and looked out the kitchen window. A woodpecker was busy rapping his beak against the house just above the kitchen window.  smacked my hand hard against the glass - the woodpecker probably had the scare of his life and he flew off. All his excitement stirred up the birds in our willow trees and they flew up, circled in our backyard, and scattered to various neighboring rooftops.

We invited my parents over for dinner. We had roast, carrots, potatoes, salad, corn, and apple passion mango juice. The kids disappeared to the basement for a game of flashlight tag while my mom and I did dishes and made up some hot fudge pudding cake. Doreen stayed up and visited for awhile. It was a nice afternoon.

Ellie did not recognize my dad. I think his beard scared her a bit. She gradually warmed up to him.

February 10, 2007

Tonight was our class movie night. We watched "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and had pizza. The boys had an interesting observation about hypocrisy and doing what you know is right versus giving up.

The weather has really warmed up lately. The girls played outside almost the whole day. They practiced doing front flips on the tramp. Nicole said, "I love being outside and feeling the wind on my face." Tonight, while I was reading from Farmer Boy to the girls she commented that being an apprentice doesn't make sense because you would be away form home for six years and when you went back your parents would be completely different.

Tonight I heard Spielberg tap-dancing in the shower. The funny thing is I remember doing that myself at his very age. Of course, it was my mom's fault that the idea ever occurred to me - she was the one who put me in clogging class. I started practicing (Shuffle, ball, change) during a shower. I just couldn't help myself, it was such a cool sound and sensation. That's why when I hear my kids trying it out themselves (and it is very annoying to listen to), I just have to smile to myself and remember the fun I had. Michelle, Nicole, and Spielberg have all joined the tub-tap dancing ranks.

Ellie is now saying "up and is understanding so much of what we say. She absolutely loves being outside and cries when we carry her in. She is fascinated with toothbrushes and shows no partiality to whose goes in her mouth. We discovered that she loves Fuji apples. If I do not safety pin the zippers on her pajamas she will begin to undress herself.

Spielberg wondered aloud last night if he joined magnets to batteries...would it make a circuit? Today he created a Lego stop-gap animation film. It was very good. He was very clever in making it appear that buildings were being exploded and characters chopped or split apart (all Legos, of course). He is very clever, and I love the ideas he has.

February 9, 2007

Miss Ellie discovered how to undo her diaper tapes and then peed on the carpet. She came walking over to me all squat-legged and saying "I potty". She is also saying "aneh" for again. Her latest favorite activity is to dump everything out of the baking bin and then sit in it as if it were a boat.

February 8, 2007

Chemo again. We tried going at 2:30 to see if it would be faster. We got done in 3 hours instead of four. Next week, we are going at 2. It seems they are better at getting to you when they want to go home too.

Michelle, Nicole, Spielberg and B~ went tubing at SH. MH bought several extra tickets and shared them. They had a great time.

We spoke with Spielberg about leisure time. Leisure is what you have when you've completed your obligations. He was very frustrated because it means no electronics until he's caught up. The his teacher, Mrs. K, put the kibosh on it and said he could only make up a few assignments.

Can't think, too tired.

February 7, 2007

Nicole was able to do several front walk-overs very well. They are learning a dance for their recital and she's very worried that she won't be able to memorize the steps.

Spielberg is going to be spending lots of time catching up on schoolwork. When we were in crisis mode with my cancer and Ty's tumor, he let a lot of things slide. I know he was worried but he didn't do several assignments or lost them, and because of that he's failing. He is such a bright kid, it's unfortunate that he's letting his teacher get a different impression.

Michelle added the extra box spring to her bed. She's now queen of the bedroom, she's up so high. So as a consolation, she gave Nicole the down quilt.

B~ rearranged the weight room and we will start doing workouts together soon. My body could definitely benefit from it.

Ellie had a playmate today and was very concerned for her toys. It was difficult for her to see her shopping cart being played with.