Wednesday, March 9, 2011

January 13, 2007

I had terrible insomnia last night and didn't fall asleep until about 5AM this morning. Not a very good way to start the day.

Tyler wasn't nauseous until about 11 PM tonight. I held he for quite awhile. We listened to a lot of music and did "arm dancing" today.

Spielberg went to a day camp at MD for scouts, then he and C~ went sledding down the drainage bowl at our old Stake Center. After dinner, he went over for a late night. While there, some other boy in the ward pressured him to look at something on the computer. He felt that he shouldn't and knew there was something going on.  All of the sudden a horrible picture popped up on the screen-it was of a scary nature. When he came home, he realized hoe disturbed he was and that he couldn't get the image out of his mind. We sat on the couch in his room and discussed a number of things.

I tried to help him recognize that the Spirit had prompted him. We talked about what happens when we don't listen to those promptings. He came up with how he wished he'd handled it. We also talked about the  importance of only letting good images into your mind (pornography for example). We also talked about peer pressure and ways to deal with it. Most importantly, we talked about dealing with our fears and relying on and trusting in Heavenly Father. I really enjoyed talking and sharing with him. He is a wonderful boy and I am very impressed by him. He commented that he tried to spare another boy from the same experience.

Our friends, the Ms~ came over and played Ticket to Ride with us. Michelle and Nicole showed off their gymnastics talents for them.

Michelle attended a friend's brother's basketball game, played, and played and invited Br~ (who happens to be a distant relative on my dad's side) over for dinner.

Nicole played in the snow with MJ. She was a very giggly girl today.

Ellie was funny as ever. Her arm seems just fine today, thank goodness. I think I changed 4-6 messy diapers today. I wonder if she is coming down with something.

I practiced piano and my handwriting today. I also studied Article One, Section 3 of the Constitution, a couple of pages from Cultural Literacy, and the Fourth Turning.

Dr. R~'s assistant, P~, phoned around noon to say that he would like to speak with us in person. We will be meeting with him Tuesday afternoon to discuss our options for treating Ty's tumor. I called his office to make sure that he had been updated on Tyler's progress and to tell him I had emailed Dr. S~ (of Florida)  about Ty's situation. His response and overall feeling was that the chemo wasn't working and that we should consider changing his treatment. I have been doing a lot of research and double checking to make sure the pathology is correct on the tumor biopsy.

I'm sleepy tonight and so had better close before I fall asleep on the book and wake to an ink-covered face. Lastly, I must mention how great B~ is. He helps so much with everything here and even played errand-runner dropping off prescriptions, buying groceries, and picking up pizza for dinner.

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