Sunday, February 20, 2011

January 3, 2007

B~ attended an IEP for me today - to switch Tyler's services to Home/Hospital.

I have been sick today and had a two hour nap when Aunt M~ was here. The girls did 2 pages of Math, listened to two chapters of Farmer Boy, and watched a made-for-TV Heidi miniseries.

They also built little "nests" from wadded up blankets and brought out toy birds and pretended to be birds with them. It was so fun to watch them talk to their baby birds and encourage them to learn to fly.

I managed to practice piano, read 30 pages of Walden, exercise for 30 minutes, read scriptures, practice penmanship, look up - or rather, jot down 6 new vocabulary words to look up later and sign up 3 new students for my Key of Liberty class.

Erin worked with Ty today. His tumor measures 28x24 cm - we'll see what the scan says tomorrow.

I rescheduled my doctor appointment for 2 weeks from now - I was too crummy feeling to go anywhere today and that includes Nicole's gymnastics class.

Read Noreen's email about New Zealand - I'm green with envy!

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