Tuesday, February 22, 2011

January 5, 2007

I finished my paper on Walden today. It turned into a completely different paper than I started out to write.

The girls both worked on math and Michelle did some cursive. I need to get back to doing read-aloud again.

I think the weather is getting to me. I would sure love to feel the sun in all its glory right now. I have completed my goals for the day except for the unit study activity and piano practice - I am tempted to do it right now even though it's midnight.

Michelle had a little restaurant at lunch and served everyone. The girls and I jumped rope today - it was fun and good for the soul. We were a bit creative in our selection of rope, and used Spielberg's old karate belts.

Ellie was great fun today. She is giving hugs all the time. She has also discovered baby dolls. It is a treat to watch her sing to and dance with her baby. She is fascinated by the eyes that close when she's laying down. Oh! it was her first experience with bubbles. I thought she wanted to take a turn, but instead of blowing, she put the bubble wand right into her mouth.

Spielberg was not his usual cheery self today. I think school really affects him - his teacher really embarrasses him in front of the class. He doesn't want to quit so we'll do our best to support him.

Tyler got nauseous today - which is a bit soon. I also noticed several strands of hair on his pillow. He took a very long time peeing and I kept telling him I would have to cath him - no effect - until I put on the gloves and got out the stuff. Then he went right away.

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