Sunday, February 13, 2011

October 16, 2006

We went through three different plans within 30 minutes this morning.  First, Neurosurgery came in and said they would be  speaking with Surgery and Pathology and that they wanted an MRI - they made it sound like we'd be here until Thursday.

Next, General Surgery - Dr. S came in and said he didn't want to do anything for a month and he didn't want an MRI. He wants to try and leave the tumor in because otherwise he would have to remove Ty's entire lower right belly wall. It may continue to spread, but he wants to watch it. He said we could go home today.

Then the head of Neurosurgery and Rehab came in. They both wanted an MRI and actually scheduled it. They switched one of his medications and decided to do Botox injections while we're here. Since we were sedating him they wanted us to stay until tomorrow, put in another IV, and no food for him.

Ten minutes later, the nurse practitioner came in and said that after conferring with General Surgery, they would not be ordering an MRI. There is currently too much inflammation for an MRI to be helpful. They just wanted us to wait until the final pathology had been read this afternoon. Once that's in, we are free to go. We just need to have to staples removed on Thursday and a consult in a month with General Surgery.

I have taken some things down to the car in preparation for going home. The pen I am using is wonderful. It is a Zebra F-402 (note to self: found at Smith's).

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