Monday, February 14, 2011

November 1, 2006

I thought I'd be in the hospital by now emitting waves of radioactivity, but things have a way of changing all the time.

Monday, Dr. M called and said she wants an ultrasound of my neck and is referring me back to my cancer doctor.

I didn't take my Benadryl this (Monday) morning so I could drive Katie to a meeting with Linda and hopefully have a meeting of the minds. Linda has taken several comments out of context and is very upset that we held a meeting without her being there on Friday. Holding the meeting was my idea. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to contribute to bringing a peaceful resolution to the problem (as I assumed I'd be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday). I don't want to dwell much on the details of that situation because it feels like gossip, I only want to add that it seems to have resolved peacefully.

I received another phone call from Dr. I, last year's oncologist - who sounds younger that she looks by a good 20-30 years. She said there was more active disease than they thought and normally they would treat me with fragmented doses of radiation which would require several different one week periods away from my children. She thought they would give me at least as much radioactive iodine as last year, but she wanted to meet with me on Tuesday for a history and physical exam. I mentioned that the pain in my collarbone was back.

She called me back later after consulting with a fellow oncologist who she felt was better qualified to figure my dose. They decided I should have a dose of 200mCi (millecuries).

Tuesday morning while I was a t a Halloween party for the kids and their homeschooling friends, I kept fielding calls, scheduling then rescheduling visits to doctors and radiology.

We finished our party. They had a Fear Factor game for the older kids - the spun a wheel to select disgusting pantry items to concoct a shake for the other team. The boys - only 2 drank the foul mixtures and then lost all their stomach contents into the nearest trash cans and proceeded to flush their mouths with several glasses of water. Spielberg did not see the sense in this game and only watched. He carved a pumpkin which is sitting on our porch next tot he one he drew on.

The girls did a  cake walk and listened to a story. They colored pictures and dipped caramel apples. They finished it off with a parade. I took Spielberg back to school and the girls home with me.

My aunt M said she could stay so I went to a 1:30 appointment with Dr. C (Dr. I's partner). When I got there they asked if I would step on the scale. I asked if I had to - she said I could refuse, so I did. Dr. Clark said that he was concerned that there might be more enlarged lymph nodes that would have to come out before I could receive treatment, he wanted me to have a repeat MRI and a surgical consult. The soonest MRI was this coming Saturday. I could meet with the surgeon the following Monday. If he does need to operate, it wouldn't be until the third Wednesday.

In the meantime, I had rearranged Tyler's surgery follow-up appointment to be at the end of the month. The doctor does not want an MRI of Ty's tumor. I am a bit frustrated by this, but we'll just take it a step at a time.

I had my ultrasound today at 10 AM. I happened to see "Nothing Observed" recorded on her computer screen. She sure snapped a lot of pictures for observing nothing. It looks like the soonest I can be admitted to the hospital is next Wednesday. It's ironic, I thought I'd be in middle of my "hot zone" but just one more day and I probably could have kept Tyler's appointment. Sometimes I am too efficient.

The kids listened to each other's stories tonight: "Heidi" and "Children of the Lamp".

Spielberg filled 2 - 1 gallon bags with his candy haul. He dressed as a hobo again and carried a cardboard sign that said "Will work for candy." Michelle wore a princess dress and Nicole was a cat.

Tuesday was the first day that I was really tired and today was even worse. My allergy to iodine keeps me popping the Benadryl. I am not looking forward to swallowing the big dose next week. I hate losing my taste buds, having my face swell from inflamed salivary glands, the gray hairs and spider veins that will inevitably pop out. The worst is the body rash and pressure sensitivity from the iodine allergy.

The girls took a bubble bath - there were so many bubbles in comparison with water, the tub was overflowing with them.

We also had  our first auction on Monday, The girls had a wonderful time, but Spielberg had expected a preview of Christmas and was quite disappointed. He only bid on two things. Michelle was very sweet and let Nicole win the Littlest Pet Shop animals even though she loves them and had more than enough money to win it for herself. She also shared her press-on fingernails with Nicole. They are all so cute.

We have packed so much into these last 3 days, it's no wonder I'm tired. W e also had a tea party last week. We have enjoyed each other.

I am contemplating sending Ty in for 1/2 day school days until Thanksgiving, but am very nervous about it.

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