Sunday, February 27, 2011

January 8, 2007

The girls and I finished cleaning and organizing the basement. Of course then they had the perfect place to play with their Polly Pocket dolls - they did clean them up though.

Tyler seems to try to throw up every time he foes to the bathroom - I will have to ask the doctor about that. His hair is starting to fall out - only about 20-30 strands a day, but that is a lot for him. He is developing some mouth sore and I'm going to get some toothettes for him to swab some "magic mouthwash" in his cheeks. I am having to put Vaseline on his lips about 5-6 times a day, they get so dry!

Nicole worked a lot on her front and back walkovers - her back ones are pretty good but she keeps tucking her chin and collapsing on the front ones.

Michelle had her first day in her new gymnastics class and she was a bit nervous. They are learning aerials and front handsprings. She will get the hang of it though and she has beautiful body lines - another mom even commented on it.

Ellie had the  worst messy diaper - all up her back - it was a definite bath time cleanup. She loves the tub. She kept wanting me to hold her and look at books. She also enjoys sitting next to me on the piano bench and playing very gently right next to my hands when I practice.

Spielberg finished his book, Freedom Factor. B~ said how proud he was of him and how he'd now read more books than he had at his age. Spielberg has become more of a tease since going back to school - I kind of thought it might happen, but I'm still disappointed. B~ received a bleated Christmas gift at work today - a Christmas ornament from the White House.

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