Sunday, February 27, 2011

January 6, 2007

I took Michelle, her friend B~, and Spielberg to the mall today. She purchased a frog Webkin - a stuffed animal that you can use to play games with on the computer.

I held Ty on my lap - I love snuggling with him - I do it every day.

Ellie is so funny - she pulled out some paper bowls from the pantry and began  spreading them out and then turned them over one by one. She loves to hug you and dance with you. She always dances with one arm held out from her body, like an old fashioned slow dance.

Tonight, my Aunt M~ came and stayed with the kids so B~ and I could attend a support group for parents of deafblind children. It was a nice opportunity to visit with parents who are dealing with similar issues. We had such a good time visiting that the time away from us.

We are participating in a ward fast for Tyler. I am praying that Tyler will completely recover if it is the Lord's will and that B~ and I will know the best way to help him.

Poor Nicole, she needs some girls her age to play with. There is only one on our street. She keeps asking me to call a friend of hers that moved to Salt Lake. It will be good for her to go to Liberty Girls again and spend time with those girls.

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