Thursday, May 5, 2011

February 3, 2007

There are some days that I am hardly aware of what exists outside the walls of my home and then there are those that shock you back into life. We watched the movie "Freedom Writers" about Los Angeles High School students after the Rodney King riots and a teacher named Erin Gruwell who made a difference. Many of her students were the first in their families to graduate from high school. She taught them to see their real worth and not to accept the message the world was giving them. It was very inspirational. I realize how much I take my personal safety and a loving family for granted. Many people never have either of those.

Nicole is really struggling now - there aren't many girls her age to play with and Michelle is always off with B~ or C~. I feel the girls need more time together, but I don't want to force it. I was going to put them in different rooms, but it won't bring them closer.

Tyler had a pretty good day, we were able to distract him when he was feeling nauseous. He has been moaning though. More of his hair is falling out, but he still has gorgeous hair. He's developed two more mouth sores and his gums aren't looking so good.

Spielberg and B~ (friend) and W~ tried to have a board game party, which turned into watching old family videos and seeing Spielberg being so darling. I love when he tried to get into a magazine picture of trains by pushing the top of his head onto the page. He kept saying "get in there".

Ellie was downstairs with Jess and tripped, falling onto the corner of the dollhouse. It left her a lovely bruise and a couple of scratches. I told her, "Let's go take a shower." She began trying to take off her pajamas and when she did - she took them to the laundry hamper. Hopefully this is an indicator that she will grow up neat and tidy. Maybe she inherited the neat gene from her dad. It's certain no one else did.

(What follows next is a huge, rambling analysis of The Virginian and the parts that bug me, especially the chapter about the hen Em'ly. I know it is meant to be a parable, but I am sure my interpretation was wrong).

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