Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 26, 2007

The Huntsman Cancer Center finally called. They wanted to see Tyler on Feb. 5th, but when I told them he would be having another scan on the 8th, they decided to see him on the 12th. He told me Dr. Chen is only seeing Tyler for a consultation and will not treat him since she is not a pediatric oncologist.

Nicole commented while I was talking to her -  "Mom, you say "slightly" a lot." Hmmm, I hadn't noticed that.

I have been trying a new herbal supplement that is supposed to enhance your mood It seems to make me feel extra edgy. I'm hoping it will balance out soon or I'll have to quit taking it.

Today Spielberg was deflecting a shot B~ took while they were playing basketball in his (B~'s) room and the ball accidentally hit his neon  BYU sign  and it broke. B~ took off and hid somewhere in his house. Spielberg went and found him and told him he didn't have to be so immature about it and that he shouldn't blame him since B~ was the one who took the shot. That didn't go over very well with B~. Spielberg felt very badly and came home upset. He told me and started crying. I should have been understanding, instead I took B~'s part in it. Spielberg called him to apologize, but he wouldn't come to the phone. I felt so bad for Spielberg. I didn't show it very well and because of that Spielberg acted out at me and we had an awful thing going. When will I remember that "Love is the answer"? I am so frustrated by the human-ness of me. I want so much to be better, to be who I know I am, but I keep sabotaging my efforts.

Michelle spent the day with her friend B~ and went to the mall. They ate breakfast at her house, then played at our house and finally had enough of each other and took a break.

B~ had a long, hard day at work. Meetings and reports - I gather. He was a sweetheart and stayed home with the kids while I went out with my friend Melanie. I love being around her. She is full of positive energy. I am going to get that back in my life. I want my kids to know and to feel that I love them, that they  are irreplaceable, and they have something to give that no one else can.

I can't believe I bought jewelry - I never do. I once bought a watch that was pretty, does that count? It's 2 AM and I should read Matthew and get some sleep. I did practice hymns today - I should have been practicing my Spanish.

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