Sunday, May 1, 2011

February 1, 2007

What a very long day. Chemo days always are. The y decided to do Ty's CT scan today. We had some good news - they've decided it's only slightly bigger this time. The necrosis (old blood) in the middle of the tumor hasn't gotten any bigger though. It may be that the chemo is working. The barium made Tyler really sick- he tried to vomit every time we put it in his gtube. They also said that although they are not symmetrical his kidneys look to be the same size. That's a good thing. My mom went this time. We always have interesting conversations. I wonder if it's hard to watch your daughter and her son go through medical trials? Do you still have the same wish to exchange places and bear her burden or his? Or, do you think, "Been there, done that and good wishes" while thinking so glad it isn't me? I have a feeling that ache a mother has when her child is going through a tough time never stops coming, although part of you know it needs to be.

Food today:
3 egg whites omelet & 1/2 grapefruit
2 slices whole wheat toast, 2 T strawberry jam
1 string cheese
10 potato chips and 7 Doritos ( we were at the hospital for 7 hours and the cafeteria was closed)
1 60 calorie yogurt
2 servings spaghetti & 1/2 slice whole wheat bread
lots of water and one no-bake cookie

Maybe a better food day tomorrow, maybe some weight loss?

I held Ty so long today that my femur was aching all the way home. But I have no right to complain - my hair isn't falling out, I don't have constant nausea, and I have perfect blood pressure - not to mention the abilities  I have to run, skip, walk, jump, dance crazy and silly, read what I want, speak what I want, go where I want, play the piano, sew, knit write, open doors, play games, have friends, drink and eat what I like (except at Olive Garden) and a whole lot of other things - I'd run out of room if I write them all. Praise the Lord - chemo might work!

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