Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 31, 2007

Ellie started something new - she backs into the pantry and tries to pull the door closed as much as she can. Then she starts to giggle. Then I say, "Has anyone seen Ellie? Where's Ellie?" More laughter from the pantry and then she finally peeks out from behind the door and says "Boo!" or something that sounds like it but isn't quite, "There she is!" I think we played it ten or more times. She has also begun exploring the other cupboards - stacking and nesting various items and then putting them back.

Nicole had gymnastics and did a beautiful front walk-over. Her back walkover is almost there. She is trying to build up her tummy muscles for a longer headstand/handstand.

Michelle decided on the bright colors from a quilt I made a couple years ago-my 50s retro kitchen quilt. It reminds my mom of her mother's aprons. She is deciding what size her squares will be and how many she needs as well as designing it.

Spielberg went to Knights of Freedom and showed his Lego animation film. He finished assembling his Science Fair display board and will give a short presentation in class tomorrow. I'm really very proud of him for seeing it through. Although I wish it wasn't always the 11th hour when he decides to do so.

Hooray? Maybe Ty's tumor didn't grow again this week. I guess we will find out next Thursday what's going on in there. He was still very nauseous today and is starting to get a lot of air in his stomach. He is also seeming to startle for no apparent reason. He did the sign that we are trying to get him to use for when he wants us to hold him - so to reinforce it, I did it with him and said, "Tyler, you want me to hold you," and then I held him on my lap on the couch and gently rocked him. I was rewarded with big smiles.

Wow! I think I have now written for more consecutive days than I have before - I've also practiced piano daily for 3 weeks now.

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