Sunday, May 22, 2011

February 10, 2007

Tonight was our class movie night. We watched "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and had pizza. The boys had an interesting observation about hypocrisy and doing what you know is right versus giving up.

The weather has really warmed up lately. The girls played outside almost the whole day. They practiced doing front flips on the tramp. Nicole said, "I love being outside and feeling the wind on my face." Tonight, while I was reading from Farmer Boy to the girls she commented that being an apprentice doesn't make sense because you would be away form home for six years and when you went back your parents would be completely different.

Tonight I heard Spielberg tap-dancing in the shower. The funny thing is I remember doing that myself at his very age. Of course, it was my mom's fault that the idea ever occurred to me - she was the one who put me in clogging class. I started practicing (Shuffle, ball, change) during a shower. I just couldn't help myself, it was such a cool sound and sensation. That's why when I hear my kids trying it out themselves (and it is very annoying to listen to), I just have to smile to myself and remember the fun I had. Michelle, Nicole, and Spielberg have all joined the tub-tap dancing ranks.

Ellie is now saying "up and is understanding so much of what we say. She absolutely loves being outside and cries when we carry her in. She is fascinated with toothbrushes and shows no partiality to whose goes in her mouth. We discovered that she loves Fuji apples. If I do not safety pin the zippers on her pajamas she will begin to undress herself.

Spielberg wondered aloud last night if he joined magnets to batteries...would it make a circuit? Today he created a Lego stop-gap animation film. It was very good. He was very clever in making it appear that buildings were being exploded and characters chopped or split apart (all Legos, of course). He is very clever, and I love the ideas he has.

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