Sunday, May 22, 2011

February 7, 2007

Nicole was able to do several front walk-overs very well. They are learning a dance for their recital and she's very worried that she won't be able to memorize the steps.

Spielberg is going to be spending lots of time catching up on schoolwork. When we were in crisis mode with my cancer and Ty's tumor, he let a lot of things slide. I know he was worried but he didn't do several assignments or lost them, and because of that he's failing. He is such a bright kid, it's unfortunate that he's letting his teacher get a different impression.

Michelle added the extra box spring to her bed. She's now queen of the bedroom, she's up so high. So as a consolation, she gave Nicole the down quilt.

B~ rearranged the weight room and we will start doing workouts together soon. My body could definitely benefit from it.

Ellie had a playmate today and was very concerned for her toys. It was difficult for her to see her shopping cart being played with.

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