Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 20, 2007

I watched Todd Skinner's "Beyond the Summit" DVD presentation today. It is an excellent presentation and reminded me of the attitude I would love to have in the face of adversity. One man on his climbing team, Jeff Bechtell. was supposed to only run base camp for them, but he became the man who did what was needed. He had never climbed a mountain before in his life and he started on this one - Trango Tower - the hardest, highest climb in the Himalayas. One day during a storm, he let out an anguished scream. The members of the team thought he had reached his breaking point and had "lost it".

He started saying - "I can't find our second stove I lost my left glove, my eyes are frozen shut.... and this is just, just, JUST how I like it!

That is who I want to be, able to embrace adversity and let it bring out the best in me to rise to meet the challenge and love the journey. It is not who I have been - a month ago I was a quivering mass of jelly. I let my mind think I couldn't handle life, that it was too hard to think of losing a child - it wasn't fair. I was completely focused on me--it wasn't right, it wasn't helpful.

I am trying to remind myself of the other quote by Todd Skinner - Carbon under pressure becomes either Coal Dust or Diamonds. We are each carbon under pressure and it is our decision whether we will let that pressure turn us to dust or create a beautiful diamond. Tyler is and always has been a diamond _ I aspire to his level of clarity and brilliance.

B~ and Spielberg attended a showing of "Mr. Dung Beetle" at an LDS film festival.

Michelle went with B~ and C~ to see B~'s sister compete at ballroom dance. She is now begging for lessons so she can dance with a boy.

Nicole is still undecided about which type of dance she would like to learn. I spoke with my sister Kelley and M S today. It's nice to be thought of and checked on. Finished Irene's story - must read! Piano, yay.

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