Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 29, 2007

Michelle researched cows, chicken, wheat, corn - etc today. It was amazing. I wrote a paper about it. The difference was that she was excited about having a farm for our next house and so she did all of the work for it and found out what she could.

Nicole wants to make snowflakes tomorrow and drop them from the top of the stair railing. She is always wanting to make things and hang them up to beautify the house.

Spielberg worked on his Science Fair project. It involves levers and how to balance a heavy and light object.

B~ worked late tonight, but came home for Family Night and then went back to work.

Ellie's nose is still runny all the time, but she lets you wipe it if you say, "Noses." She says beebee for binky, ba-ba for bottle, ea for eat, dy-dy for Tyler and dada for dad, mom for mom, and nye-nye for night-night.

I am so tired of being stressed-out and having no desire to do anything. Only the kids keep me from hiding in bed all day. At the same time I feel this way, I also wish I could grab myself by the shoulders and give me a good shaking or something. I seriously feel like I have mud for brains sometimes. I can understand autistic behavior - when my world doesn't make sense I feel an overwhelming desire to bang my head against something. I never do it, but I wonder if it might be helpful or at least somewhat satisfying.

Back to real life - I did finish How Children Learn and have started to write a paper on it. I long to write well, not just the bits of reporting on what the kids did today - the real heart and soul meaty kind of writing that brings you into the moment and makes it really live. Sigh...

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