Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 23, 2007

Ellie was a mommy's girl today. She kept wanting to eat. She always does the sign for this and then points in the direction of what she wants. Her word for banana is "aminama" and all grown-ups are "mom". She grabs her blanket to bring with her whenever she gets up from bed/nap time. When she dances it looks like total body quivering.

My writing is hardly legible - too tired. Class went well, they felt the need for knowledge and men of faith and character.

Michelle did another 15 math lessons, someone has lit a math fire under her. She made a cute thing for Ty out of pipe cleaners and a sheet of paper.

Nicole kept "playing" at the piano and trying to help Ellie.

Tyler has only peed two times today and had a small bowel movement. Right now he keeps laughing in his sleep. His tumor is still measuring smaller - yes!

Spielberg is excited to go to the temple. I remember that stage and being excited as well.

B~ did work at home tonight.

We had the best clam chowder tonight - Carolyn Hamilton made it and brought it on Sunday. It was delicious!

I'm reading John Holt's How Children Learn and it reminds me to step back and let them learn - I don't need to micromanage them. I attended the Project Pyramid class and learned about navigation and taking angles of the sun and moon to find one's latitude. We also discussed the book, Carry On Mr. Bowditch - a great read, he truly was a passionate learner.

So sleepy...

Several hymns today, some sound right even.

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