Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 30, 2007

Yet another new pen - I think I love medium points, they somehow feel more substantial - as if you  are saying things and not just whispering them.

We had a class today and I shared two examples of people who have had a hand in passing legislation - one of whom was a 12 year old blind boy. He got a law passed that provides braille ballots to the blind so that their votes would be private. We also talked about the State of the Union address and the President's call for openness and honesty with earmarks. (these are appropriations that get added onto bills via committee meeting reports). They learned how a bill becomes a law. They also tried their hand at Parliamentary Procedure. These kids are great and I really enjoy them!

Spielberg continued working on his Science Fair project - last minute, unfortunately.

M~ is sick and will be unable to come tomorrow and be with Ty while I run Spielberg and Nicole around. I think Wendy will come through. I don't dare leave him with Michelle because he has been so nauseous this time. (4x today)

Michelle and Nicole worked on making recipe cards today. I will try to find recipe binders for them to begin their own cookbooks with. Michelle has come up with an idea for a dance/exercise fun group for kids 3-8 I tell you, she was born teaching. I love to see her excitement for working with kids. At bedtime, she asked if we could work on making a new blanket for her (she threw up on hers and it was so ragged that I had to throw it out).

I put shoes on Ellie and she immediately went to the door and waved "bye-bye". She kept doing it so after class I tool her shopping with me. Next time I'll just take her for a walk - shopping is too hard with a baby.

I said goodbye to sugar today - it was hard and will probably get harder before too long.

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