Sunday, May 1, 2011

January 16, 2007

Yesterday was fine - until I came home after Michelle's gymnastics. I was very frustrated with her being so downhearted and refusing to "go for it". Spielberg was being a tease and Nicole was being very cross and whiny. I snapped and yelled - a lot. Well, I shouldn't have at all. I was judging my kids and then judging my self-worth based on their actions. I must constantly remind myself that each person is a person - they have their own feelings and needs and they do not always coincide with my expectations, nor should they. I will not slip into deluded patterns from my past. I will love my kids and B~ and put it foremost. It truly is what is meant by losing yourself to find yourself. Remember, remember!

I read Little House - Farmer Boy to the girls after they did their math. B~ took Tyler to see Dr. Randall. He admitted to not really knowing what to do. He feels we should keep on the same course until the next scan on Feb. 8. In the meantime, his office is arranging for us to meet with Lei Chen, a desmoid tumor oncologist. We'll see what her impressions are - maybe we are just too impatient. I sure am.

I took Nicole, Michelle, and Spielberg to Purple Turtle to try Fish and Chips, and then to the library. I'm looking forward to reading about Irene Gut in "In My Hands". She helped feed Jews during the Holocaust with no thought for her personal safety.

I then took them to Target where we purchased a new leotard for Michelle. Spielberg was very patient and pretty well-behaved. I read three chapters to him from "Shakespeare Stealer". He is now interested in Hamlet. I think I'll read to him from "Tales Out of Shakespeare" - it is exciting to see sparks light in his mind.

Ty has started trying to through up whenever we go to the hospital. Ellie can now say "puppy" and find all the puppies in her book.

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