Thursday, May 5, 2011

February 2, 2007

Ellie discovered what poop is. She had her jammies off and I was changing Tyler. She reached in the back of her diaper and I heard Nicole scream, "Mom, Ellie's poopy and it's all over her hand." I ran and grabbed her, but by then it was on her face, torso, arms and wow did it ever smell! I put her in the tub, used a bunch of wipes and soaped her into a full lather. I can't say she enjoyed it though.

Nicole and K~ were in the upstairs closet. There's a lam in there since the builder forgot to put in a light fixture. K~ was reaching to turn it off and it fell down and broke the fluorescent bulb. I handled it okay, but I wish I would've done it better and said, I'll bet it was scary when the lamp fell - let's get the vacuum and clean it up.

Michelle had her dance thing and I think she found out how difficult it can be to coordinate a dance routine.

Spielberg had his science fair and did a nice job of demoing his project. He and B~ (friend) tried doing a stop-gap film together, but it wasn't B~'s idea of a good time and they argued. B~ thought it would funny to film his foot instead - that didn't go over well with Spielberg. They ended up playing Woolly Bully instead.

Ty's PT and teacher came today. E~ was sick. We got out the side layer and he didn't seem to mind being on his side too much. He already looks like he isn't feeling well and his hair is starting to thin faster.  I did a lot of insurance calls today. I spent 2-3 hours on the phone and still have 3 bills to straighten out.

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