Sunday, May 22, 2011

February 5, 2007

Last night was very restless for me. I have developed a tingling sensation in my lips - wow! does that ever keep a person awake. It is sometimes even in the tip of my tongue. I wonder if it is due to being so hyperthyroid that I'm having a calcium deficiency or something. Also my throat is feeling strange, not quite scratchy like I'm getting sick, and not quite sore - just sort of tingly.

I've been reading past entries from over 10 years ago until now and I've found that I seem to have a running problem with kindness, or rather anger instead of kindness. I probably should have never married and instead become some sort of spokesperson for a cause who knits afghans when she isn't harping on something or someone. I guess Mondays in winter are good days for pity parties.

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